Thursday, 7 July 2011


Today we visited München by train. We left the car at the Allersberg station in the field. It's perfectly safe to do that here. There's a couple of stops on the way to München, one of them at Ingolstadt where one can see the freight trains loaded with new Audi's, ready to be shipped all over the world. München is very big, so don't expect a full report. For the couple of hours we spent there, the highlight was definitely the Apple iStore. And I guess the same goes for the masses of visitors that were there. The store was packed. Not a single ipad, ipod, iphone, macbook, etc was without 2-3 people looking and playing with it. Ladies pay attention, a single store like Karstadt or Kaufhoff Galleria are probably the size of a rugby field or 2 and with 6-8 floors. Shopping like you can't believe and many products are on special (reduziert). Each floor usually represents certain items like women's clothes, men's clothes, electronics and multimedia, food, etc.

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  1. Otto ~

    Hoekom is daar soveel kliënte in die winkels? Is dit reeds vakansie?

    Ek hoop julle kry genoeg slaap! Nog net Vrydag en Saterdag oor. Ek is seker dis nie onder vriespunt in Nuremberg soos in Johannesburg nie. Dra ook beste wense oor aan Terené.

    Lekker kiep!