Wednesday, 13 July 2011


In Germany you don't just throw all your rubbish in one bin. Here they have many bins, all with the purpose to recycle.
Brown rubbish bin (Biotonne) - left over foodstuffs, compost, etc
Glas (3 bins) - Brown glas (Braunglas)
- Green glas (Grünglas)
- White glas (Weißglas)
Plastic bin
Metal bin - Scrap metal (Altmetall)
Paper bin
Clothes bin - Some companies will then make products from it, like washcloths
- Welfare/Communities will sort it and see what clothing can still be used and will then distribute it.
Other - Black bin
Electronics - Keep your batteries and put it in a small container by the bins
- PC's, When you buy a new pc/laptop you can hand the old one back to the shop. They have to take it back for recycling.
Pfand - At most of the grocery stores there's pfand machines where you can put your empty water/cooldrink bottles in and get your deposit refunded.
Garden rubbish
Bigger items - Twice a year you have the opportunity to call the garbage collectors and let them know that you have bigger items to dispose of. This can be anything like an old table, ironing board, fan, etc. This you can then leave next to the rubbish bins for them to collect.

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  1. As 'n gemeenskap AFVAL só kan organiseer, is ek seker kan hy ENIGE IETS doeltreffend bestuur! En kleurvol!