Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Running with Uwe

Yesterday, after arriving in Hamburg we went for a run with Uwe and his running team in the Stadtpark. Some of them are training for a relay later in the year. It is so beautiful here. It is also much easier to run to the Stadtpark and then run around it, because there is only one set of robots and then you are there. At Düsseldorf it was nice to run along the Rhine rivier, but to get there was really difficult as we had to stop at all the robots and for straßenbahnen (trams), busses etc.
There were lots of people around playing with their dogs, others were walking or making a "grill" (braai).
If you ask a Hamburger (yes, someone that lives in Hamburg) then he/she will tell you that Hamburg is the most beautiful city in Germany.


  1. Hi Otto. Thanks for the blog. You are right.., hamburg ist beautiful. All of us enjoyed the training with you and terene. Next year we will see whats on in capetown and do some sports. Uwe

  2. Guten tag Uwe,
    It is great to hear from you! You are welcome to visit us in the Cape and then we can also go for a laufen or 2. Please send our greetings to Silvia!
    Sorry for the English... :-)

    All of the best!