Saturday, 2 July 2011

Take me to my happy place

To achieve your goals, let’s say you would like to run a faster time, have stronger legs, etc – you also need a strong head. Negative thoughts or doubts can derail your attempts. You need a mantra.

A mantra is usually a string of positive words or phrases which you can think or recite to yourself and can use in any aspect of life. These words aren’t about how to overcome your sore legs or obstacles, but rather about where you want to be or see yourself, or what you want to feel. So, the mantra you use is meant to represent the quality you wish to infuse into your consciousness. The mind will then focus on the positive instead of the negative. For example, say positive words like run, power, speed, jump, bounce, dance, sing, smile, love, play. Or just normal phrases like “what a beautiful day!” or “to God be the glory”. To use phrases like, “my legs are tired” or ”hang in there the suffering is almost over” aren’t mantras.

Mantras are often used by athletes in training or racing, in yoga for meditation and religious worship. What’s nice about mantras is that you can make up your own and use them daily in different situations. Practice makes perfect and then when you sense an uphill approaching you’ll have a mantra ready.


To take it a step further, you can visualize yourself being in a situation you want to be in. Like running strong, smiling, being at the beach, etc. I’m sure you’ve all heard someone before saying something like take me to my happy place. This is a great technique because rather than getting pulled into the dumps by circumstances you are now able to sit on the beach and take a look at the situation from outside the box.

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