Friday, 23 March 2012


Buffelsfontein Game Reserve is close to Cape Town, South Africa. They have quite a variety of wildlife, from Lions, Cheetah, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, KuduEland, Oryx (Gemsbok), Bontebok, Springbok, Duiker, Steenbok and Caracal. As they (like most private game reserves) are geared towards international tourist and corporates we couldn't justify the amount for the game drives which is the only way to see most of the wildlife. Not that they are that expensive in comparison to what the others charge. 

We got to see all of the wildlife below and a whole herd of eland and some kudu of which I didn't take any photos. The lions and cheetahs are in a big cage and don't roam freely.

There is also luxury accommodation, a restaurant, huge swimming pool and a bar by the main reception area.

Giraffe walking behind the tree

Sunset over the dunes
We got very lucky the evening when quite a number of giraffe came strolling past the bush camp. The bush camp is a cheaper, back to basics tented camp about in the middle of the reserve. It's still very nice and looks like a wonderful place to spend a weekend with some friends. Unfortunately I didn't make a point to photograph the bush camp, but there's a picture below of the left side of the camp and two of the tents. As it gets dark, one can hear the lions roar.

Giraffe staring at us

Friendly Giraffe


Ostrich chasing the springbuck away

Springbuck - Here the wildlife get extra feed

Bush Camp

Star trails at the Buffelsfontein bush camp

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  1. Wie in dié boskamp tent opslaan,
    sien hoe die Weskusson ondergaan,
    'n beker koffie of 'n glasie wyn uithaal,
    voel gou-gou in dié veld net so tuis
    soos 'n kameelperd of 'n tarentaal