Monday, 9 April 2012

Horrific Slaughtering of our Rhino Cow!!!

Horrific Slaughtering of our Rhino Cow!!!

By York Safaris (Albums) · Yesterday · 

As most of our close friends know, we have taken up the challenge to protect and conserve Rhino. A challenge that is now turning into a war on poaching, we lost this majestic cow on Saturday morning at two am to the hands of ruthless poachers. She leaves behind a 45 day old calf whose future seems very dim. The cowards hacked off her horn with an ax and fled on foot in the shadows of the moonlight. Regardless of the quick reaction time of our anti-rhino poaching units, SAPS, local farmers and friends we could not apprehend these savages. I’d like to thank all those involved and all of you who support our cause to save the Rhino. It is a cause I’m sad to say, WE ARE LOOSING!!! A Kilogram of Rhino Horn is estimated to be worth US$ 50 000-00 the equivalent of R 400 000-00. This Rhino alive was only worth R200 000-00 and had a horn with an estimated street value of US$325 000 or R2.6Million. A sad reality she was worth more dead than alive. Game farmers are not allowed to trade in Rhino horn, despite the fact that it is a product that can be sustainably harvested without harming the Rhino. Wars are won or lost, depending largely on the relative financial strengths or economic power of the opponents involved in the conflict. Poachers and organized crime syndicates reap the rewards of the high value of rhino horn with no cost and little chance of being brought to justice. Game farmers carry the cost of having rhino on their land and must risk their lives and those of their employees to protect these magnificent animals. Please spread the word and get more people behind our crusade to legalize the trade in rhino horn. We need more people to understand that if we can’t generate an income from these animals we can’t save them!!!

The rhino calf was luckily unharmed. As poachers often hack them to death whilst they try to protect their mothers.

The horn was removed by an ax… Animal cruelty at its worst.

Rhino Cow was shot in the side of the head with a 30-06 caliber rifle.

The orphaned rhino calf tries in vain to suckle from its mother’s lifeless corpse.

Game Rancher Barry York with 45 day old calf and its slaughtered mother.

Rhino Cow butchered by poachers.


  1. Thank you Otto.


    Richard York

    1. Hi Richard,
      Just raising awareness about the rhino poaching going on - it has to stop!
      We are really sorry about your loss.
      Please keep us updated about the calf?

      Kind Regards

    2. busybeeblackie@gmail.com11 April 2012 at 15:14

      Hi Otto, if you need any help with baby please contact Yvonne & Rocco Gioia at Elandela Rhino Survivor Trust 082 468 5092.
      They have two orphans Roccy (10mnths) & Clova (8mnths) and they got Roccy at a tender age of just over a month ... Maybe they can help ... Worried sick about the baby :'(
      Elsabe Blackie

  2. So terribly sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I cannot believe this happened again. How on earth could they get to her, it is a well know statistic now that especially mothers with calves are the target. Was she not closely guarded 24/7?

    I sincerely hope the calf will be allright, please do not hesitate to call on Karen Trendler. Baby rhino, like baby elephants are extremely sensitive to stress,as I have seen in my research. They may appear ok on the outside but inside is an altogether different picture. It is too young to take any gamble on.
    In re to the statement that if you cannot make an income of them you cannot save them and therefore people must support the legal trade is shocking especially now that the subject is off the table anyway. This keeps the focus away from where it needs to be on stopping the poaching.That is no 1 on the list.

  3. Hi Otto
    Can one not create a SMS pledge line that will provide income to assist with your rhino protection drive and to run press awareness campaigns to etablish a regulated or liscenced rhino horn trade

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Instead of creating another campaign, I have added some existing initiatives on the left hand side of my blog where donations can be made. Just click on the logo.
      If you are like me and would like to know that your money will be well spent and for the right purposes, there's a short description below the logo.

      As for rhino horn trade - it's off the table and will never work. Big up to Kenya that has burned their ivory stockpiles last year and Gabon that will do the same soon.

  4. Make the possession, poaching, sale, and transportation of rhino horn a capital offense with a brutal form of execution.

    1. I agree with you, but somehow don't think that it will fly in South Africa. The government isn't serious enough about stopping poaching.

  5. This was the first story I saw when i logged onto FB this morning!! This has to be one of the saddest things I have seen in a while (since Kariega's Thandi and Themba). How can anyone think that this is normal? They are disgusting beasts that cannot be called HUMAN!!

    I hope that we can get this carnage STOPPED!

    You are in my prayers!!

  6. Update:
    Thank you for your comments. I'm really sorry if the heading caused some confusion, but I don't own a Game Reserve myself. I have however notified the owners of Dabchick Game Reserve where this happened and hopefully they will find the time to respond to you.

    On one of the photos the calf is standing next to his mother (Big Bertha) trying to drink, bumping against her. They say that it sounded like he was crying and wouldn't leave his mother.
    He later got tranquilized and put in a crate. He is now at a rehabilitaion area in Thabazimbi.

    The farm area is divided into sections and get patrolled by armed guards. Just remember that most of these game reserves are huge, in (this case 1000HA plus) so it is very possible for poachers to get past the guards. Often times they come in, heavily armed in a helicopter, poach and leave.

  7. savage bastards who did this may they rot in hell for what they did is there no god in this world how can this happen this is a horrific tragedy please god it has to stop

  8. Agree with PixelBabe: "They are disgusting beasts that cannot be called HUMAN!!"

    Hierdie is barbarisme op sy ergste.

    Dankie Otto vir wat jy doen om diere te beskerm.


  9. Update via York Safaris:
    I’m very pleased to report that, our little surviving Rhino has started adjusting well. He has started drinking milk and has even made friends with another Rhino calf at the facility. Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes they have been answered.

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