Saturday, 28 April 2012

I will NOT remember China...

I will NOT remember China for
The Great Wall or its economic boom
But instead as the nation that drove
Africa’s rhino to extinction and doom

More than a billion Chinese
Bringing less than 22-thousand
Innocent rhino to their knees
They’re all we’ve got left
On Africa’s big continent

The clock ticks the seconds
In each short day
And in 2012 every 24 hours
Another of SA’s precious rhino
Has its life torn away

440 poached 2011 in SA alone
Where 80% of the world’s
Last wild rhino call home

I’m tired of a nation
Touting unfounded medicinal claims
Borne of their convenient selfish aims
That rhino horn cures from
A cough and a sneeze to all manner of moans
Including Aids, cancer and numerous
Other illogical groans

There was a time when China had rhino
But they’re long gone now
Their horns ground to a fine powder dust
To feed this vast nation’s
Incessant medicinal myth-lust

Today, to the Chinese I say
Please leave Africa’s Rhino alone
This continent is their rightful home
Show respect, let them live long and free
As nature intended them to be
This magnificent animal, for all the future
Generations of the world’s children to see

We don’t poach your few
Protected treasured Pandas
Who at China’s own hands
Met this same unfair fate
So STOP senselessly killing
Africa’s last precious Rhinos

Lest you forget…
Remember this clock…

By Lindsay Jenions


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  1. Lindsay, right in the heart ! I can't show any respect for such "medicines" in 2012 and such ignorant people using them. Chinese may have money now, first of all, they must learn respect. From a french defender of rhinos and life.