Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What if we believed a Panda's nose had health benefits?

About the Panda Advert
Torsten Fehsenfeld of Roots Branding, the designers of the panda advert for WILDSIDE magazine, talk to the rationale for the advert which was driven by their passion for rhino and a desperate desire to see poaching come to an end. Torsten also explains how you can send this advert on and join the process for change – Let’s win the war on poaching demand.
YOU CAN HELP – MAKE THE CAMPAIGN GO VIRAL: People want to be part of stopping the poaching and to enable that, you are invited not only to become a Wildside Warrior, but visit the website, download the cause advert by Roots Branding, and send to people in authority, media, embassies, and around the world. The download is free of charge.
“The black and white rhinoceros are an integral part of South African culture. It holds emotional as well as economical value to South Africa. A large part of South African tourism is based on our wildlife and especially the Big 5, of which the rhino is one.
With much frustration and a great amount of helplessness we have been, and still are, witnessing the ruthless slaughtering of one of our national treasures, the rhino. The reason for this poaching is the acquisition of the rhino’s horn which in some countries is believed to have (scientifically unsubstantiated) medicinal qualities.
If we can modify the demand for this product, there will be no market for the supply of rhino horn, thus our animals will be safe. Therefore, just as any effective advertising should, our efforts went into targeting the market for the rhino horn product. The market for rhino horn as a medicinal cure has clearly been identified as the Asian market. Therefore it is important to create awareness within that market about the negative effects that we as Africans suffer when the rhino is being poached. The end users of rhino horn may well be completely ignorant to the above mentioned value of this animal and the consequences of using this product.
The creative solution to this was to create an ad which graphically shows the emotional response that we feel when we see our rhinos being slaughtered, by showing the same treatment to another animal, which too holds great significance in other cultures. This advert is one of awareness, not one of “tit for tat”.
The response to the ad will hopefully be one, which may educate and motivate to change consumer behaviour. In order for the advert to be effective, we have had the ad translated into Mandarin, which in turn seems logical, because it is this target audience which we need to reach.
As this topic is one that is heavily laden with emotion, it is important that they are turned into action. Therefore we appeal to everyone to visit where you have the opportunity to send on this advert in both languages to relevant parties. Social media and the internet are powerful tools and addressed to the right channels can create huge public pressure, thus effecting change. One should not underestimate the power of public pressure. It helps the brave and dedicated people in the “front lines” and is a real way of actually making a difference.” Torsten Fehsenfeld, Roots Branding.

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