Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wedding treats - Martin & Bernice

Wedding cake
For a change from the usual outdoor photos, here's some wedding photo's I recently took at Martin and Bernice's wedding. The focus of this post is to show you the yummy treats and the fact that every wedding needs a dog... :-)

Every wedding needs a dog

Ginger beer

Berry jam, cheese, butter


Heart shaped treats

Hippo's relaxing

Hippo's relaxing in the water

Friday, 21 September 2012

World Rhino Day: Facts and Fiction about the Rhino Horn Trade

It's World Rhino Day on Saturday (September 22) and EIA is proud to lend its support to this excellent and poignant new animation to raise awareness of the plight of rhinos.We need your help to LIKE and SHARE this short film as widely as possible, to get across the message that rhino horn has ZERO proven medicinal value.The use of rhino horn as a recreational drug or cancer treatment in Asia is based on myths. As a result, rhino in Africa and Asia are brutally slaughtered in huge numbers for their horns.The rhino trade is a symptom. We need to tackle the root cause of problems, not just treat symptoms, and work on long-term solutions.Despite the spectacular failure of the CITES-sanctioned ivory trade, a growing lobby of vested interests in now pushing for a similar trade mechanism for rhino horn; some of its advocates stand to make millions from their horn stockpiles.Read why EIA believes such a trade would be an unmitigated disaster at
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