Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Male Impalas

Impala's are know as the bushveld MacDonalds as they get caught by most predators. 
An Impala ram has long horns and the females don't have horns. Impala's also have a black mark at the back of it hind legs above the hoof, a black stripe in the middle of it's tail and a verticle stripe on each bum. They are mid-size with a light weight appearance. It's back is a reddish brown with it's chest, stomach, throat and chin being white. 
The Aepyceros melampus occur in the North Easterly parts of South Africa and upwards to Kenia. In South Africa they are imported into regions beyond their normal distribution. The Aepyceros melampus petersi (like the ones shown here) can be found in the North of Namibia to Angola. They are endangered and listed as vulnerable. The difference is the black line on it's forehead. 
They like savanna fields with trees for protection and won't be found in mountains. They also need drinking water. They feed off grass and leaves. (Swartneusrooibok - Aepyceros melampus petersi)

Mother and baby

Drinking from it's mother while she is keeping an eye out for danger

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