Monday, 25 March 2013

Red Hartebeest

Red Hartebeest
Red Hartebeest is large African antelope. Males weight around 150kg. They live up to 19 years. They have excellent sense of smell and hearing, but eye sight is poor. They can run up to 55km/h and will run in a zigzag pattern to make it difficult for predators to catch them. They can be found in Southern Africa. Their habitat is open savanna grass and tree fields.

Red Hartebeest are grass feeders. Drinking water is not a necessity. They will only need drinking water when melons and tubers are inaccessible. Red Hartebeest is related to the tsessebe and the topi. (Rooihartbees - Alcelaphus buselaphus)

Baby Red Hartebeests

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